These are fanmade non-commercial works based on our content.

You are free to create content without being required to contact us for permission, as long as your works meet these guidelines:

  1. Please be considerate towards the talents’ feelings. Refrain from making content aimed to harass or upset them.
  2. Please do not use our content for business (for-profit) purposes.
  3. Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the terms of any relevant platforms these works may be displayed in.
  4. Refrain from making content that fall under these categories:
    1. Misrepresented as official, or presented in a way that implicitly misrepresents it as official.
    2. Contradictory to what is considered socially acceptable.
    3. Deals in matters regarding ideology, social movements, politics, and beliefs.
    4. Damaging to KoMETA’s image, personnel, third parties, or content.
    5. Other content we find unsuitable.


For inquiries regarding the following:

  • Copyright
  • Usage Rights
  • Derivative Work Sales
  • Promotion/Collaboration Request
  • Marketing
  • Licensing
  • News/Media

Please contact dean@kometa.ph

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